Strengthen Your Relationship & Improve Intimacy with Couples Communication Skills to Connect in Conflict

​Improve your marriage with effective communication skills for healthy romantic partnerships:

  • Improve emotional and physical intimacy 

  • Build trust and safety

  • Resolve disagreements and conflict 

  • Understand yourself and your partner better

  • Fight fairly with conflict resolution skills for a healthy marriage

improve your relationship
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Confidentiality & Privacy

This service is confidential so you don't need to identify yourself. You may pick a "nick name" to protect your privacy. All sessions and consultations are via video call.

Do misunderstandings, disagreements and triggers stop you from feeling completely safe or emotionally connected with your partner?

​I work with committed couples to improve intimacy in their relationship with effective communication skills.

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Learn how to:

  • disagree productively and create understanding even with opposing perspectives

  • navigate emotional triggers with safety and compassion

  • overcome conflict and grow together

  • intentionally create emotional intimacy with better communication

  • stop hurting each other and communicate healthy boundaries

Learn the Habits of Conscious Couples

Couples communication tools and exercises to build a better marriage