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Improve Your Relationship with Better Communication

Conflict doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, your partner or your relationship.
Disagreement and misunderstanding will always is arise, but they don't have to be avoided or escalate into conflict with effective communication tools and techniques that improve emotional intelligence, self-awareness and empathy.
Conflict is growth trying to happen. 
I work with couples to facilitate that growth by changing how you communicate and "do conflict." Learn important relational skills to deal with conflict in a healthy connected way to improve emotional and physical intimacy.
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Individual or couples sessions available. The first session is 90 mins; regular sessions 60 mins.

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Use these free resources to learn how you can be a better partner and improve your relationship.

You can become a better partner and improve your relationship

  • Learn more about yourself and your partner in a safe environment.

  • Practice new communication skills that will help you navigate conflict with more safety, confidence, and compassion

  • Identify patterns of behaviour that arise between the two of you that seem to come up out of nowhere, but, in fact, have their origins in other parts of your life.

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