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Brian Tohana - My Story

I've been surrounded by people but still felt alone. Unable to communicate effectively, I've felt disconnected, hurt, frustrated, and helpless, cut off from those I loved. Coaching a wide variety of individuals, executives and couples of all ages, I've seen how micro-misunderstandings add up over the days, months and years creating a divide between you and the person you love.


Why is it so hard for couples to get through to each other sometimes? Why do you get frustrated with your partner so easily and end up in recurring arguments? 

There are many unconscious dynamics at play. On top of those, we were never taught the communication skills we needed to create deeply satisfying love relationships. So, we had no choice but to armor up and close our hearts. Some couples stay together but don't feel close or intimate anymore. Others choose to divorce because it seems like they have no other choice, they just keep hurting each other and can't get through.


Physical intimacy begins with emotional intimacy, emotional intimacy begins with safety, and safety is created through communication when you eliminate the misunderstandings and unresolved hurt that keep you apart. Together we'll build new communication habits that empower you to create the safety and trust that are prerequisites to true intimacy, closeness and connection - the free-flow of love in your conscious partnership.

Brian Tohana

Couples Communication &

Emotional Intelligence Coach