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Boundaries Workshop Part 4 of 4 - Skills for Conscious Relationships

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Boundaries Workshop Part 4 of 4 - Skills for Conscious Relationships

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Jun. 06, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. EDT
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About the Event

Have you ever:

  • Felt hesitant to communicate a boundary because you didn’t want to control, disappoint, reject or upset your partner(s)?
  • Felt insecure to ask for what you really wanted because you didn’t want your partner(s) to feel pressured or obligated? (or vice versa?)
  • Felt resentful after a boundary was crossed, unsure how to navigate conflict or disagreement peacefully?


Navigating boundaries to create conscious relationships is an art that combines self-awareness and communication. There’s no manual! Boundaries play is a grey area because they depend on your mood, history, trauma (psychobiology), circumstance, mindset, self-awareness, preferences and partner(s).

We have competing needs for space/autonomy/freedom and closeness/connection/intimacy that change from moment to moment, so we’re constantly negotiating each other’s fears, desires, limits, needs and preferences on the fly amidst the stresses and responsibilities of our daily lives. It ain’t easy!

This workshop offers you an opportunity to practice navigating boundaries in a cold state (when you’re not triggered) so that you can cultivate more self-awareness and gain new perspective, choice and skills that empower you to create a more conscious relationship.

How do you respect each other’s differences and get the most out of your relationship while balancing each other’s needs simultaneously? This is the work of boundaries and we’re grateful to share it with you!


  • For single folks or relationships of all styles - romantic, intimate non-sexual/sexual relationships, monogamous, polyamorous and everything inbetween! Some games involve random groupings where you won’t be with your partner, and some games you’ll be with your partner(s).
  • Even if you’re in the same relationship you’ll need to be on separate computers; each person needs their own computer, headphones and space to be fully present.
  • Whether you’re just beginning your boundaries and conscious relationship journey or you’re a veteran, this workshop gives you the space to reflect and gain deeper insight into your patterns so that you can show up with greater freedom, fullness, and compassion in your relationships.


  • Words don’t teach, experience teaches. So, we set a “safe enough” container so that everyone can explore boundaries in a variety of experiential partner and group games. A mindset of self-reflection, curiosity and play  allow you to gain insight into how you can more effectively navigate boundaries in your everyday life.
  • Group Debriefs: We learn so much from each other! Space is held for group questions, reflections and integration in between games. We invite you to share and express your unique experience and perspective with the group as a gift for us all to learn from.


1) Sunday March 7th, 1pm to 3pm

  • Embodied Boundaries: Calibration and Negotiation of Yes’s and No’s
  • What’s okay and not okay for you? What do you want to do vs what are you willing to do?

2) Sunday April 11th, 1pm to 3pm

  • Nonviolent Communication - Feeling & Needs Awareness + Making Requests for Change
  • How do you ask for what you want?  How do you make, receive and renegotiate requests?

3) Saturday, May 8th 12pm to 2pm

  • Disagree Productively - Connect in Conflict with Applied Empathy Circles + 4 Levels of Listening
  • What do you do when you disagree? How do you navigate conflict peacefully and use it to deepen connection?

4) Sunday June 6, 1pm to 3pm

  • The Art of an Apology: Empowerment through Consent, Communication and Domain.
  • Conflict often drives us feeling far away from our partner, how do we become accountable to our actions and create the type of relationship we want to experience going forward?
  • This workshop will have a special focus on Trauma informed approach

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  • We understand people may be financially struggling right now, so we offer a sliding scale inviting you to pay what you can within the range $20-$40 per workshop. (We would love all those that want to attend to be able to, so please contact us if you think you meet the criteria for a bursary.)

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Sarah Atkinson - I used to believe that I could not be truly loved or accepted by anyone. I wasn't able to show myself unconditional loving kindness. My inner critic kept me thinking my boundaries, desires and fears were unreasonable and really held me back from experiencing self-intimacy and connection with others. Big T and little t trauma , especially labels from professionals in the psychiatric field like Complex PTSD left me feeling “broken”.  Today, I approach boundaries through a trauma-informed lens and have tapped into my innate sense of RESILIENCE. Now, I not only like myself, I experience RADICAL SELF LOVE and deep intimacy with others. Play and curiosity with boundaries have helped me trust myself to share my vulnerabilities and create friendships and community that have been the gateway to further healing. Together we FLY!

Brian Tohana - I used to be a chronic people-pleaser who was afraid of bothering others with my needs. I would do what I assumed was expected of me without asking, “What do I want or need right now?” I became fascinated by boundary work when I heard the top regret that people have on their deathbed: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life other’s expected of me.” I was struck by how much pressure we experience to be who we think we’re supposed to be, versus who we truly are. How do two people who love each other manage and balance their needs for freedom/autonomy with their need for closeness/connection? Boundaries are how I navigate interdependence, how my partner and I reveal blindspots and biases to each other, how we make requests of each other to change, and how we respect our differences while living together in peace as individuals.

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