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Disagree Productively [Free Webinar] - Connect in Conflict with Applied Empathy

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Disagree Productively [Free Webinar] - Connect in Conflict with Applied Empathy

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May 21, 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. EDT
Zoom Video Event

About the Event

Two smart, self-aware, and caring people can still get sucked into heated arguments lashing out and hurting each other or shutdown, leaving each other feeling alone and distant. What the heck is going on?

• How do you talk about the things that are hard to talk about without making things worse?

• Why is it so hard to understand each other?

• Why do we resist offering empathy to our lover in conflict?

I believe every voice and perspective matters. Most people would agree, but when we disagree or get into conflict with our partner, we don't act like it. We yell back and forth both trying to be heard at the same time. We get hurt, angry and defensive trying to prove, “I'm right, you’re wrong and why can't you just see things my way, then we wouldn't have this problem!” In the end you've got two hurt and angry partners just trying to be understood.

So what's the way out? There's tons of unconscious stuff driving the show that works against us. Plus, we use a style of conversation that simply doesn't work when triggered or in disagreement so we need another option.

I'm really looking forward to sharing my deep fascination and passion with you as we take a peak under the hood of what's really going on in couples conflict.


We’ll Cover:

• 1 style of communication that works in normal everyday conversation (we all use it) but when we disagree or get triggered, is completely ineffective and actually it makes things worse!

• 1 alternative style of communication that you can use to replace that ineffective style so that you can create peace and understanding even with fundamental differences of opinion.

• The most common mistakes and greatest causes of upset that partners with good intentions make that actually escalates conflict.

• 3 false assumptions that we make in conversation that create and escalate conflict.

• 1 lesson in neurobiology (why everything I share here will be instantly forgotten when in conflict) so that you understand what happens in your brain when you get triggered. 

• The unconscious reasons you actually resist empathizing with your partner.

• How to help your partner feel safe and understood

• The V word that is the ultimate unlock to shift you out of fight / flight responses and into emotional connection.

• To implement all of this, you'll need to focus on the 4 qualities couples who creates positive outcomes share.

  • Free Couples Webinar

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